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A collection of hobbyists, we are Reeftards.  In our main garage system, Aqua Juice has four large frag tanks, with approximately 1,500 gallons system volume.  There are other local Reeftards with lots of tanks, and good eyes for coral,  So we are an informal local collective.  Everything we sell has been in captivity more than 3 months, so our corals are tank hardened, tank adjusted. We try to aquaculture everything!  

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And unlike some retailers or Facebook/IG sellers, who buy and sell quickly as they get livestock from wholesalers, and some retailers who often are sent corals without even seeing them beforehand -- everything we handle, we personally select in-person, and then tank acclimate.  There is actually a surprisingly huge amount of work (and coral suffering) during the collecting/boating/packing/flying/wholesale/retail supply chain, and many corals arrive injured, weakened, starved, bleached, and generally pissed off and sometimes dying -- the effects of which may not show for days or weeks, until the normal hobbyist plops that coral into their tank.  So a lot of times, when a hobbyists' purchase goes south, maybe it's the parameters, but just as often we chalk it up to the long supply chain, and that giant huge leap from the ocean to life in a glass box.

That's where Aqua Juice helps.  Like QT'd fish, we save you the acclimation headache, which sometimes is as difficult as hell -- and to be honest, it does cost more -- but due to our proximity and relationships we have with local wholesalers, we could not pass up opening a small business to fetch some of the juiciest coral that hits the USA.

When WYSIWYG pieces are aquacultured (and tank hardened), they are marked with this symbol

When pieces are from mariculture (and also tank harded), they are marked with this symbol 

WYSIWYG as pictured, or cut/heal to order, just ask.  Thank you!

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What are your water parameters at Aqua Juice central?

Generally our levels are:

Salinity     1.0250 - 1.0270

Alk            7.4 - 8.0

Ca             450

Mg            1450

NO3          10 - 35 

PO4           0.05 - 0.20

We maintain our traces elements at NSW levels, using ICP.  We regularly dose traces, including dosing Sr, Mn, Zn, B, Br, I, V and others.  We also dose NO3 and PO4.  Almost all our traces are DIY, please inquire if you need to procure some economical (and tried and tested) Reef Juice from us.

What lighting do your use at Aqua Juice?

Over most our systems, we use Radion G4s and G5s, with T5 and actinic/blue strips as supplementation.  On our experimental system we employ illumagic Blaze-Xs, and also Reefbreeders and metal halides on occassion.